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If you are using Daz Studio chances are that you have noticed that the latest couple of public beta versions have a modified New Scene dialog which now integrates notifications (read: promotions and ads), and 3D asset store directly into your new scene creation process.

So, what was so far a painless experience (press Ctrl+N or click File->New to get a blank new scene or your predefined new scene which you configured in Prefrences) has now turned into an excruciating torture of waiting for the "improved" New Scene dialog to check its cached notifications, check for updated notifications, download a bunch of media content, populate the window with thumbnail images and ads, just so you can click the Create button.

Daz Studio new New Scene dialog

It wouldn't be such a big deal if DAZ 3D developers have addressed numerous long standing bugs and issues in Daz Studio ranging from user interface glitches which have convoluted workarounds (animation timeline, need I say more?) to outright bugs that hang or crash the app and make you lose your work.

Instead, they have chosen (or more likely were forced) to focus on this "feature" who nobody (except perhaps Tafi shareholders looking to maximize profit before running DAZ 3D into the ground) have asked for. Daz Studio is right now a product which is in the second stage of enshitification (becoming actively hostile to the users in an attempt to extract more profit).

If you still have to use Daz Studio my advice is to start transitioning to some other tool and workflow, it was good while it lasted but it is clear that things can only get worse from here onwards. Until you do that, feel free to check my Downloads section and grab a script that will help you avoid exposure to their blatant upsell attempts every time you try to create a new scene.