In this section you will find small utilities, patches and plugins which I have created.

Create Ghostlight 1.0 - Ghostlight creation script for Daz Studio and above

Create (downloaded 165 times) 2022/12/25, 893 bytes
SHA256 3d02a041f2d22b13f64016c585ba6504f669c4184f0309d0a9c3c2b9fa8ed362
ME3Buyer 1.0.1 - Accessibility tool that automates tedious process of buying randomized lootboxes in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (downloaded 286 times) 2021/12/30, 89166 bytes
SHA256 03cca75f43cf0c5118ff721ff30587a932ed20a1c03977df4085c46290b5d5a2
Smart Path Editor 1.3.1 - Advanced PATH environment variable GUI editor for Windows (downloaded 525 times) 2021/05/23, 413759 bytes
SHA256 fc9c116d5b47d812c7c178cf277de7d5e121b692f193652f35f49629cab0eca5
mozlz4 Plugin 1.0 - Total Commander Plugin for decompression of Mozilla Firefox bookmark backups, search engines and other assorted LZ4 compressed files found in your user profile folder (downloaded 1223 times) 2020/08/30, 179552 bytes
SHA256 a41218f158e6926bd1a2c85970dcf3bede839166f23f214b88ab2c6ff0aae189
Serbian - Serbian (Latin, Programmers) Keyboard Layout for Windows 10 (downloaded 261 times) 2020/04/15, 256522 bytes
SHA256 38cc76146bc962e2b51875d16d5c26fcd3e1bb5a0208f0c4b1f3a82dc762b68d