In this section you will find small utilities, patches and plugins which I have created. If you find anything usefull please consider donating.

Smart Path Editor 1.3 - Advanced PATH environment variable GUI editor for Windows (downloaded 78 times) 2020/01/21, 437182 bytes, SHA1 bd72be4239ca8d2de6151a060682ba18a27f76a2
BuildTool 2.0.0 - Command-line tool for C/C++ and C# project build version tracking (downloaded 62 times) 2018/11/20, 290789 bytes, SHA1 23d3a64bf3141a6605ff63c60f1573dbcaeef90b
php_hwrandom 1.0 - PHP extension which enables use of RDRAND CPU instruction for random number generation (downloaded 646 times) 2015/04/11, 16128 bytes, SHA1 cec4d3ce586001f2a6639995c3123b43692b9b7a
DivXCalc 1.2 - DivX Bitrate Calculator (downloaded 1849 times) 2012/05/24, 533741 bytes, SHA1 a3de99e26fa6422c1d9fd94dfa5ecc31a24d2d60