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Daz Studio Public Beta has been released recently and it incorporates the Iray 2022.1.0 final version which adds official support for ghostlights.

For those not aware, ghostlight is a term used to refer to fully invisible light source in ray tracing -- one that is not visible to the camera and whose reflections are not visible on glossy surfaces of the objects in its vicinity. They are often used to create ambient lighting and attain a certain scene mood.

This addition is a game-changer for Iray because other ray tracing applications already had that feature for a while, and Iray users had to rely on the opacity trick which NVIDIA made unusable approximately one year ago by fixing a bug by adding a missing luminosity and opacity multiplication for emissive surfaces.

To read how ghostlights work in Iray, check the Iray official documentation. To read how to create ghostlights manually in Daz Studio, check the thread posted by their lead developer. But, since you are here, you might as well check the Downloads section for a script I wrote that will automatically prepare any object surface or built-in light emitter for use as a ghostlight.