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Did you know that Viber Receive Service Messages option is enabled by default, thus enabling businesses to send you unsolicited messages? Did you know it will by default collect analytics data? If you are not privacy conscious you might not care about this, but how about not respecting user settings? Here is a notification which I just received:

I kept getting that notification almost daily since I installed Viber few days ago. It is trying to engage me to use it, and I really hate being pushed around so I disabled notifications in Viber settings hoping that I won't see that message again. Guess what? I still do, which means the application does not respect my settings. To make matters worse, now whenever I open Viber I get the following popup:

When I dismiss it, I get the exclamation mark on the More icon badge:

That dreaded More icon is also the place which shows the number of new stickers on the Sticker Market which also cannot be disabled. If you allow badge notifications the main Viber application icon on your phone will also show the number of new stickers thus tricking you into launching the application thinking you have new messages.

Once I delve into Settings and then into Notifications I am greeted with this:

So yes, even if you disable notifications on purpose trying to get some peace of mind from this nosey, pushy, manipulative application it won't leave you alone until you cave in and re-enable them. Or until you deactivate account and uninstall it, which is just what I did. You can text me, you can send me pictures and links via email, you can use Telegram to chat with me or even call me, but never again ask me why I don't use Viber.