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Don't you sometimes have an urge to smash your computer into little bits and pieces with a large hammer?!?

I often do.

Obviously, it is not our computer's fault that we run lousy software on it which in turn provokes such dark emotions from the deepest corners of our souls. This rant will be short because I have a headache so I will just give an example of what decent software should not do.

As an example I am going to use Windows Media Player 11 setup. Actually, Windows Media Player 10 would do nicely too because it is guilty of the same thing.

This is one of the screens you are presented with during Windows Media Player 11 installation:

Select the file types that you want Windows Media Player 11 to play by default

Make a mental note how I have dutifully unchecked every checkbox available and then take a look at the options screen of the newly installed application:

Select the file types for which you want Windows Media Player to be the default player

WTF?!? Haven't I just wasted some valuable time unchecking those?!?

You have just witnessed software fallacy #1 — disregarding user input. While we are at it, fallacy #2 is not having "Unselect All" button — as if that is somehow harder to code than the "Select All" button! May those who decided and implemented it rot in Hell — God may forgive but I do not.