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Because there are no other two applications in existence which have more disrespect for your personal preferences.

I wrote earlier why Firefox developers and designers are clueless when it comes to UI and UX, and despite all security risks I was holding off from upgrading my Firefox 24.8.1 ESR until today when I finally realized I will have to "go with the flow" if I want to have functional web. If you have asked yourself what could possibly become broken by not updating your browser for a while let me give an example — despite version 24.8.1 not being too far from 31.7.0 feature-wise, for some weird reasons Javascript was hanging when you click the video window controls on YouTube, and HD video was not available for many clips regardless of whether I tried to use the latest Flash Player or HTML5.

So, I finally clicked that dreaded Check for updates button, and after Firefox updated itself it opened several pages, each asking me to confirm that I want to install such and such extension. You may think "how nice, they worry about my security", but those dialogs each shown in a separate tab reek of poorly thought out feature and bad design yet again. Why? I confirmed one and it asked me to restart. Options available? "Restart Now" and "Cancel" so I restarted it. Rinse and repeat for the remaining 5 plugins, no "Restart Later" option. Yes, I could have closed all 6 tabs, clicked on "Addons", then on "Extensions" and do it from there for all 6 at once. But what is the point of spamming the user by opening as many tabs as you have extensions installed (and I am pretty conservative with only half a dozen of them compared to some people who have many more)? It is just going to make them close all tabs and ignore extension updates. Congratulations, you just made security worse, not better with your stupid, poorly thought out, prompts.

But I digress, the complaint I have is that this update has changed my preferences from this:

My old preferencesTo this:

My new preferencesI am sorry Mozilla, I could somehow swallow all your awfull UI and UX changes, but I don't find messing with my privacy settings acceptable.

Which brings us to the other offender, Adobe. Long time ago I reported two issues with Flash Player, one with installer which pulls a Mass Effect 3 ending on you every time there is an update available, and another one with Local Storage settings completely disregarding your input. Despite seemingly productive email conversation which I had with Chris Campbell, and despite him promising that he will personally follow up to make sure they are resolved, three major Flash releases later nothing has changed.

Given that both issues I am bringing up here are about privacy settings in one form or another it is almost as if those two companies are actively trying to subvert your privacy by making you jump through hoops to keep it. Even if those issues were not about privacy related settings, it is still a cardinal software development sin to disregard user input or modify preferences without consent so my award for douche-baggiest software development companies in 2015 goes to Adobe and Mozilla.